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Dressing Windows!

It's so nice to have natural light inside a house! It is one of the most appreciated factors of a property - the light it receives, the size of the windows providing that quality of luminosity that moves the emotions of those who inhabit the space. And if the exterior provides a beautiful view, then it's the icing on the cake!

To live with the sun indoors is enjoyable if we manage to somehow control the amount of light, and when it gets dark, it's also good to guarantee privacy. Of course, there are many forms added to the very architecture of the space that can guarantee that regulation of light and privacy, but nothing compares in terms of comfort with a few decorative curtains or blinds.

This is where we enter a world of enormous and wonderful possibilities!

The choice of how to dress a window depends on numerous factors and the result must always be the symbiosis between function and beauty to provoke an emotion of comfort and well being.

Choosing the fabric to make curtains or canvas to make blinds is the most important step in achieving a successful result. I never put the choice of these materials in the background, on decoration or interior design projects.

A curtain made of a sheer or translucent fabric will filter out natural light and transform the entire ambience of a space. Color, degree of transparency, fluidity, everything is taken into account for each particular situation. When a space requires more technical solutions, such as a bedroom that needs a blackout or a movie theatre that needs soundproofing or even a public space where the use of fire-retardant fabrics is required by law, the choice is always taken with great care.

That's why I always try to be up to date with the best that is launched on the market by leading brands and to have the best choices in store for our projects and for direct sales to our customers.

It is always a thrill when I watch the presentations of the new fabric collections. Some fabric design brands are experts at creating wonderful pieces of textile design. My imagination soars and I immediately start thinking about which of the projects the atelier has in hand, where we could apply this or that beautiful fabric.

At the beginning of my career, when I opened the store in Belém, I received a very chic and discerning clientele. I learned a lot from these customers, they taught me precious details about the most classic way of curtain making, how to apply them and the types of fabrics to be used in each situation.

Those curtains were true works of art from the hands of artisans and seamstresses who were proud of their knowledge. I also learned a lot from these artisans who helped me when I wanted to do special finishes on unique couture curtain work. Today, there aren't many people who know how to execute this type of work, but we still work on special projects, with some of the finest artisans in Portugal.

Today, trends in decoration refer us to the beauty of chic simplicity, never neglecting practicality. In the end, the important thing is the emotion that a dressed window causes in those who inhabit the space and the comfort it provides!

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