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Custom-made furniture

Atualizado: 2 de set. de 2022

Making furniture to measure for each project is part of Traço Livre Design's DNA.

A screen that divides a living room from the kitchen, a bookcase built into the wall, and a dining table that can grow to large dimensions, are some examples of carpentry and joinery work that we design, supply and install.

What are the advantages of making custom-made furniture?

More efficient use of space.

If we think about the most efficient use, making a piece of furniture designed for the existing space and for the type of use required, the best solution is to create a custom-made piece of furniture.

An example of this would be a piece of furniture that integrates several functions, such as a TV, a bookcase, and storage. This piece of furniture should be thought out in detail, considering the lives of the people who will use it. The design will take into account the other architectural and decorative elements of the space. It will be considered whether or not lighting will be included.

Custom finishes.

The customization of finishes that makes a project more balanced and beautiful, is the differentiating factor that enhances the quality of the entire decoration project. And this happens with everything, whether it's the bookcase's color, the sofa's fabric, the carpet's design, etc. The balance of the decor will be possible because it is possible to customise the finishes.

Optimised design for every family's living space.

Design is essential to improving people's lives. When we design a kitchen, and this is a great example, we have several conversations with clients to get to know well their type of experience at home. If they usually eat in the kitchen or in the living room in front of the TV? Do they like to cook? If the laundry has to be incorporated into the kitchen? If they have breakfast at home together or one at a time, because they have different schedules? These and many other questions help us to have the necessary information to design that kitchen and all its furniture, maximizing the pleasure of living in that space.

This process is dedicated to all areas of the home or office.

Do you want help making a piece of furniture? Contact us!

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