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How to organize a personal library!

If there's one place I love, it's a library! I feel them as magical places that contain hidden treasures in the form of human knowledge that stirs emotions. I just love it!

The architecture dedicated to libraries refers to the time in which it was built, and in itself already tells the story of its time.

The influence of Interior Architecture on the organization of libraries can be seen in details such as color, natural and artificial lighting, adequate furniture, ventilation, taking into account the conceptual objectives of this type of space.

One day a client sent me some photos with a new bookcase he had bought and with the books already placed on the shelves and organized, it seemed, by color. And in the message he said, that he had already moved the books several times. He was looking for the most beautiful and at the same time practical way to arrange his books.

In fact, organizing a bookshelf with a collection of books, which can be a small personal library, is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. It all depends on the use of books and the importance and relevance they have in the life of that person or family.

The categorization of books is the basic principle for the organization. Join on the same shelves, books by themes and authors making search and location more logical and practical. Leave art, fashion, generalist books with nice hard covers, to use them as decoration, easy to handle, on side tables or on empty shelves, lying down or standing, where decorative objects can be added, vases with flowers or collections of objects.

Some people like to arrange by color. In this case, if it is possible to keep the categories by theme, even if they are not grouped by author, it will now be possible to organize by color, for example, starting with the white spines and going through the red and then blue and so on, almost a rainbow .

For me, the library is a lively place that requires organization and space for one more book to come in. Requires care with sunlight, not to burn or fade the colors of the covers. It should be in a place with easy ventilation and easy to clean.

It is a poetic and magical place!


About the author:

Ana Cristina Folgosa is the founder of TRAÇO LIVRE DESIGN, a project started in 1993.

Always very influenced by the Arts, which educated her innate sensitivity to Beauty, she finds it in everything that surrounds her, in Nature, Architecture, music, aromas and the arts in general. Enjoys painting, drawing, photography, creating. Being able to do all this as a way of life is a blessing for her!

Studied Equipment Design at the António Arroio School of Arts, where she had a very technical component of furniture creation workshops. Later, with a long career at TRAÇO LIVRE DESIGN, always looking to improve and improve her knowledge, attended the University of Architecture of Lisbon, FAUL, where she studied Interior Architecture and Rehabilitation of Buildings.

In the projects she develops, Beauty is of enormous importance, combined with the technical component that Architecture and Design demand. All people and places are different, they have their own personalities and characteristics. Her work focuses on respecting these very important details, adding value with her intervention.




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