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5 Steps to welcome Spring into your home

Spring is a transition season that marks the end of Winter and the beginning of Summer, two very different times of the year that influence our daily lives in very different ways, the right time to do Spring Cleaning and Reorganize the house.

During the winter we are more secluded and closed off, the days are colder and shorter and we are more inclined to spend time at home, surrounded by warm blankets, pillows and a good cup of tea, in the summer the days are longer, warmer and the energy we feel drives us to make more plans outside the house and outdoors.

In the transition season, Spring, there is a practice called “Spring Cleaning”, which aims to develop cleaning and organizing processes in the house to prepare for summer.

Do you have everything ready to receive the heat?

If the answer is not positive, we are here to help. Find out what you can do to get started with Spring Cleaning and Organizing!

5 Steps to welcome Spring into your home

Although the process is called “Spring Cleaning”, the truth is that it is not just about cleaning the space, but taking the opportunity to reorganize items that are not organized in the most functional way.

Follow the next 5 steps and get started today:

Step 1: Clean out your closet and change your personal clothes

Start by selecting the winter clothes you want to store and free up space in your closet for summer clothes. Remember, leave a warmer piece or two in the closet, because it can come in handy on cooler days.

Tip: While you're working on your clothes, take the opportunity to take care of the rest of the clothes in the house: wash and pack the sheets, blankets and comforters and put them away.

Don't forget to tidy and clean your shoes and boots as well and put them back in the shoe rack or in the space where you decided to store the shoes.

Step 2: Change your weekly menus

Invest in weekly meal planning and develop a menu with foods more suited to the hottest days of the new season, lighter meals such as salads, for example.

Bet on healthier and more nutritious foods and prepare a varied and practical menu to make it easy to put into practice!

Step 3: Open the windows, let the air circulate

Now that the cold is leaving, open the windows of your house!

During the winter we keep the windows and curtains closed, because of the weather conditions, but at this time it is important to air and let the sun into the house.

Take advantage of this time of year to clean and arrange your windows and curtains and open up to the world.

Step 4: Evaluate the objects you have at home and get rid of those you no longer use

Over time, it is natural to start accumulating some objects at home that you no longer use, but feel sorry for sending them away.

End that thought! Review the objects you have stored at home and get rid of what you no longer use. These items are just taking up space in the closets, which could be being used for what is really useful right now.

Maybe you can take advantage of this intervention in your home and rethink the decoration of your space and make some adaptations or completely change the style of your decoration.

Tip: Throw away what is spoiled or unused, but take advantage of what is still good to sell or donate to social solidarity institutions.

Step 5: Do a general house cleaning

Cleaning is very important in this process! In addition to investing in the reorganization of spaces, ensure that everything is clean and ready for another season of warm weather.

Tip: Do a thorough cleaning throughout the house, not forgetting to clean and wash the rugs and curtains that so comforted us in winter.

Follow these 5 simple steps and start Spring Cleaning your home today! Downoad our free Spring Cleaning Checklist

And remember, organizing is like exercising, because:

  1. Burn calories,

  2. Reduces stress,

  3. Makes us feel good, at the end.


About the author:

Susete Lourenço is certified in professional organization by the International Association of Professions Career College.

She is the first Professional Member in Portugal of the renowned NAPO – National Association of Productivity & Organizing with the Live Transitions certificate.

She has a degree in Information and Documentation Sciences from Universidade Aberta and was, for 17 years, responsible for the Library and Archive of the CMVM – Securities Market Commission, and for 7 years, responsible for the Documentation Center of the Lisbon Stock Exchange. .

She publishes articles on organization and productivity in specialized magazines and is the author of the book “Casa Organizada, Vida Feliz”, a practical guide with suggestions and advice for transforming the home and dealing with moments of transition in life, such as bereavement or divorce.

She is the founder of Home Optimizer, where she works as an Organization and Productivity Consultant.




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