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Ana Cristina Folgosa is the founder of TRAÇO LIVRE DESIGN, a project established in 1993.

Ana Cristina has always been influenced by the arts, which educated her innate sensitivity. She finds beauty in everything that surrounds her - nature, architecture, music, sensory stimuli and other traditional arts. She likes to paint, draw, photograph, create. Being able to do all this as a way of life is a blessing for her!

She studied Equipment Design at the António Arroio School of Arts, which included a very technical component of furniture creation workshops. Well into her career at TRAÇO LIVRE DESIGN, and always looking to improve herself and her knowledge, she attended the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon, FAUL, where she studied Interior Architecture and Rehabilitation of Buildings.

Beauty is of enormous importance in all the projects she develops and is fused with the technical element that architecture and design demand. All people and spaces are different, each with their individual personalities and characteristics. Her focus is on respecting all these nuances and details, adding value with every intervention.

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